How to make your own robot toy from trash

Robots are very cool, I have long been a huge fan of them. This is a love I happen to share with Tinkas, who are of course, very passionate about building robots.

Robots also happen to be one of the easiest things to make. They can look however you like, can be made out of anything that is handy – boxes, containers, lids, and a ton of different bits, pieces and do-dads. They can be giant or tiny, with or without limbs or any other features you can think of.

This is a heap of junk!

A treasure trove of junk, perfect and ready for robot making.

As far as building them is concerned, the only real key to making these guys is masking tape. This tape is up there with the glue gun as far as wicked tools go, because it can be used on anything and is a dream to paint over (if you think your robot needs it of course).

This was a picture of a really cool robot made from trash, Tinkatolli style.

A “naked” freshly made robot… quick and easy.

Also, a little tip for making your robot really strong so it doesn’t fall apart when you are playing with it, is to give the whole thing a layer or two of masking tape, (think of it like wrapping a mummy). It may not be able to escape in one piece out of the jaws of the dog, but it should be a little more resistant to some rough play from a little brother or sister that way.

This is a very cool Tinkatolli robot.

There are also lots of really cool things you can use your robot for. Tinkas are fond of using them for storage space, which makes sense seeing as they are, for the most part, hollow inside.

This is a robot showing off it's storage space.

If you want it to look like the working insides of a robot instead, you could make some cool looking “mechanics” out of things like corks, string, bread ties, bottle caps… anything really.

A word of warning… TinkaBots love to boogie.

Whatever you do with it when you are finished, we know you’ll have had fun building it!
Beepbopbeeep ditdeeeet. Over.

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